Fee US($) 10,000

Benefits of Participation

Direct Benefits

  • Showcasing 10 pcs of capsule collections with ownership right.
  • Name & Logo appearance in website, social media promotion, brochure, e-newsletter, press release & on event activities etc.
  • Invitation to attend the main event (5 persons).
  • Each participant will get a Look Book of the capsule collection.
  • Each participant will get individual AV on their participation in the show.
  • Can get exclusive pictures of their each capsule collections.

Indirect Benefits

  • Opportunity to showcase product innovation capabilities to the global audience.
  • Engagement with Brands & Retailers, Ministers, Govt. High Officials & Policy-makers, Embassies & Development Partners and other key apparel stakeholders
  • Repositioning the factory brand value to the buyers and international audience.
  • Development of a set of innovative product capsule to present to potential buyers at sales meetings
  • Capacity building of internal team in design & development through working with international team.
  • Greater exposure in international and local print and electronic media to highlight innovation capabilities to global audience
  • Promotion and branding of the company through brochure, look book, social media, video, newsletter in global platform.
  • Inviting associate partners to be part of the event.